Is it Possible the Atlanta Braves could benefit from a Seattle Mariners rebuild?

Is this really happening it looks like the plans could already be in motion and the big players are sitting down to discuss the fine details, not sure if the fans will be happy but heres the latest on whats happening.

The Atlanta Braves are focusing on the trade market for offseason moves, but news that the Seattle Mariners may be considering a tear-down style rebuild may fit perfectly with exactly the needs the Atlanta Braves have, giving them a possible one-stop shop for the offseason. However, GM Jerry Dipoto has told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic that a full tear-down would not be in place, instead, they will pursue more a possible re-tool of the roster using tradeable assets to perhaps take a step back in 2019 and bounce back in 2020, not remain in rebuild mode for multiple years.

The Seattle Mariners have been an interesting trade discussion partner for some time due to the depth of players that would fit for the Atlanta Braves, but with the team likely competing for 2019, it’d be tough to make the type of trades the Atlanta Braves would like. If the Mariners are retooling, however, not only do the Atlanta Braves have multiple pieces that they would be interested in, they also have the farm system to make the deals happen.

Tomahawk Take
Word came that the Seattle Mariners may do a tear down this offseason, and that could be a perfect situation for the Atlanta Braves

Wow is this really going to happen, will it really benefit The Atlanta Braves, I’m not sure it will but I’ll be keeping a close eye on this story over the coming months and also be checking out what the fans really want


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